Self care is

deliberately doing the activities that take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. 

Holistic Nutritionist 
Helping You Eat With 
What Is The Right Fit For You


There is so much confusing information about diet and nutrition out there that it is difficult to know where to begin or what is the right fit for you.  My approach is simple and each health plan is customized to finding a healthier more vibrant you.  Let me guide you in the right direction and help keep you accountable. 


Nutrition Consulting

Let's talk about your desired health goals and design a program that is customized for you to success.  We will gradually modify your food choices and eating habits rather than replacing your entire diet with a new one.  

Corporate Wellness

We deliver dynamic workshops that focus on team building through wellness.  We help leaders improve their health so they can lead by example.

Custom Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans can be

created for your dietary needs and health conditions.

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