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We made a small difference in their journey through our walk.

Such an amazing experience meeting the woman farmers and entrepreneurs from the Grow 2 project in Tamale, Ghana. I’m pictured in the middle of the group in the peach dress. The average age of the farmers/entrepreneurs in this project that we visited were 30 to 60 years old and many of them were widowers.

The Grow 2 project was spearheaded by MEDA. MEDA is an organization that creates business solutions to poverty. I have seen firsthand the amazing work that MEDA does. The Grow 2 project is working to increase the economic and social empowerment of woman farmers, entrepreneurs, and agribusiness in northern Ghana.

In May of 2022 I was part of a group of professional women who trekked the rail trail 125 km from Guelph to Goderich over 5 days from May 11 to May 15th. We trekked over 125 km in total and together we trekked 25 km each day starting in Guelph and ending in Goderich.

We walked to raise funds for MEDA’s Grow 2 project.

l also walked in memory of my mother-in-law who passed away last March 2022. She was a big part of MEDA.

The fundraiser was called Guelph to Goderich to Ghana and our goal “together” was to raise $100,000 for the Ghana GROW 2 project – supporting women entrepreneurs and farmers in Northern Ghana.

As a group we raised $117.550 for the Grow 2 project. This project was backed by Global Affairs Canada, which will multiply private donations by eight times.

This was an amazing experience to walk together with an inspiring group of women and supporters and travel with MEDA to Ghana to meet some of the woman entrepreneurs in person.

To think that our walk made a small difference in their journey was heartfelt.

Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way from Guelph to Goderich to Ghana to Grow.

You can learn more about the fundraiser from link below.

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