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Goal Setting - Do you have the right steps to succeed?

Practical tips to wellness for the upcoming year.

Do you have the right steps in place to achieve your goals? These steps are easy to implement and help you off to a good start to reaching your goals.

The steps:

  • The Reminder

  • The Routine

  • The Reward

The Reminder prompts you to start the goal.

The Routine is the action you take towards your goal. You need daily practices to reinforce that habit and create momentum. Eventually, this repetition will form a new habit.

The Reward is the benefit you gain from reaching your goal. If the reward is positive, then you’ll have a desire to repeat the action.

Let’s apply an example. The goal, drink more water every day. When creating a goal, it’s important to make it measurable to track your progress. A measurable goal is drinking 3/8oz glasses of water every day before noon for the month of February. You can build on this goal and increase your water intake once you have reached your target.

The Reminder – Schedule into your phone calendar or water app or pour a glass of water right before you go to bed so that it is the first thing that you see when you wake up in the morning.

The Routine - Drinking 3 glass of water every day before noon. Coordinate the routine with your environment as a reminder to start the habit.

The Reward - More energy, better skin and weight loss – The reward can be something you enjoy. Repeat until it becomes a habit.

Measurable goals help you to evaluate if you are hitting your desired outcome and to make the adjustments to your environment to create the new habit.

Designing the right environment will beat willpower every time.

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